Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pink, White and Yellow

Huh. I never posted this, so here it is, two weeks late. 

Fall is hurtling toward us, and so we are compelled to wear the summery items while we can. Jo pointed out her embroidered linen top and blue sandals to me today - and her fantastic plastic earrings that she says she bought in the Nixon administration.

I am a little tired of my summer wardrobe's riot of color, as much as I like all the linen and cotton and voile. By the time winter is waning I feel permanently wool-itchy. But as September arrives, I like the thought of neutrals and subdued colors: deep red, forest green, burnt orange.

In any case, I wanted to enjoy the lightweight fabrics in a less high contrast way, and this is what I came up with.

The rose crystal pleat top that I just love (but which I am not sure loves me equally), white jeans and my cheerful yellow Kenneth Cole sandals. A blurry closeup of my Kenneth Cole earrings:

These can't be worn with any kind of collar, or they work their way out of my ears - but they're very good with a boat neckline.

My red purse was terribly clashy, so I dug out my yellow The Sak, which I actually bought NEW at Lord and Taylor, albeit on clearance, with an additional discount, and a gift card. The stitching is actually hot pink, though it looks red.

Bracelet from Kohl's
My fun weekend plans include dinner with library pals tonight, a movie with My Friend Deborah, and a chance to finally try on the red jeans I bought over a week ago. I have high hopes.

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