Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chambray and a Wee Shoe Ramble

This dress is pretty much a one trick pony. It looks great with this belt and matching shoes or boots. I could possibly wear a short jacket over it, but the sleeves would be lumpy under a cardigan. It is also short and full, and a trifle risky on a windy day like today. Perhaps I should have worn bike shorts under it. 

Still, I get a dozen compliments whenever I wear it, so it's a keeper.

Now, about shoes. I received these in the mail yesterday.

Color Riley unimpressed.
They are Orthaheels, designed specifically to combat heel pain, from which I've been suffering particularly in the last few weeks. Not only do I walk a lot, but I live in a 100% hard floor (wood and ceramic tile over concrete) condo.

The only reason I gave in and bought them is because they were half price. (Discounts can be found at 6PM and Amazon.) This brand is expensive, especially considering they are entirely vinyl and plastic. The faux cork footbed looks like contact paper lining pantry shelves in a 50s ranch house. The strips are stiff and squeaky.

However, they are genuinely therapeutic. I wore these for four hours at home yesterday, and my heel is barely twingeing today. Is "twingeing" a word? These will be my new house slippers. At first they felt like I was walking on a tennis ball, but that is the point, I guess, to stretch out the plantar fascia and reduce the "itis" part. My (possibly vain, and I really mean vain) hope is that wearing these constantly at home will allow me to continue wearing my non-orthopedic shoes at work.

Because what I really want to purchase are THESE:

Spring Step Cheyenne. Oh my.

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  1. Think how cute those boots would look with your chambray dress and a red belt or scarf! Or scarf as belt!

    I've looked at those orthaheel shoes in a catalog and wondered....

    I think it would be therapeutic to dig your toes into Riley's fur.