Monday, September 17, 2012

Black and Beige and Born

This outfit is almost a no-brainer - put all of your favorite things on and walk out the door. Each item brings the whammy.  The skirt is linen, but lined and heavy and swishy. The top is a faux wrap, in a heavy jersey, and is just the right length everywhere. The boots are my black Borns, and the necklace is light yet dramatic. Notice the perfect combination of heavy and light in each piece: drapey but not weighty.

Imagine if my whole closet felt like this? At least 20% of my clothes are items that work only under something else, or only with one other item, or only on special occasions. I'll make an exception for the Christmas sweater or fancy pumps, but should I be weeding my closet even more?

Par example, what I'm wearing today. I love the Athleta skirt for many reasons (zippers, stretch), the red linen jacket goes with everything, and the boots are, well, my Born boots.  :-)  The top is a favorite, but you can see I like it better under things than on its own. The little puffed sleeves combined with the gathered neckline emphasize my chest too much. 

The Nine West top is definitely a key player, and even more so because I paid nine dollars for it, but still isn't my A game. Even the Athleta skirt isn't PERFECT, because the zippers go all the way to the side seam and make an odd little bump in my hip. Not that anyone notices that but me.

Many bloggers espouse the optimal closet - keep only those items that you love and work in every way. These bloggers often have what I would consider a very small wardrobe. As I go through the summer stuff, I think I'll be a little more ruthless than in previous seasons. I also want to count everything this year, and finally know how many of everything I own. I suspect it will be a staggering number! And if I feel that MORE than 20% of my clothes are limited use items, I will take action. 


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  1. LOVE the black skirt. I like the linen one, as I own it in a grey-ish, blue-ish, blah-ish color.

    I also need to weed, but I lack the will. It's also nearly time to think of doing the great wardrobe seasonal swap. That usually invites a lot of weeding, as it's easier to throw stuff out (well, stuff in bags to donate), than it is to carry it through the house and up the attic stairs.