Monday, January 9, 2012

Blog Reboot

OK. It's a new year - again - and my avowed intention is to get this blog back on its feet. What knocked it off the rails before were the annoying mechanics of the photos. Camera, memory card, USB, phone, positioning, available light, blurry, practice, ugh, my hair.

  • to evaluate my wardrobe in the cold eye of the camera, because, truly, my closet is about to EXPLODE.
  • keep track of the exciting events of the year - like the CST play Elizabeth Rex I saw on Saturday (1/7/2012) with Ben.
  • count my blessings over and over and over (see above, re: Ben).
  • muse about work and my profession.
  • whatever else I feel like, dammit.
So, this week I'll be working on the mechanics. Today I took six variously grainy, blurry, footless phone pix of me in my office. I'll try at home too, and with the camera at work, which might be better. Heather offered, but I find the process too embarrassing and self-indulgent to involve anyone else. I want the phone to work out because of the afore-mentioned memory card, cable, blerg. I've seen Gorillapods that promise to work with the camera, at least. In the end I asked Heather to help, of course.

Today's outfit is . . . fine. I think I look so stubby. All torso, no legs. Is this the outfit, or lack of heels, or my posture? Green tweed jacket, green cords, cognac ankle boots, a little matchy and no significant jewelry. All eBay purchases except the pants which were 50% off at Talbots.

1 comment:

  1. Unsolicited advice:

    Jacket + pencil skirt and tall boots or heels

    Slightly shorter jacket

    Match shoe and pant color to extend line a bit

    ...and it's probably the angle of the photo making you look shorter, anyway.

    Green is a good color on you!