Friday, January 20, 2012

How Young We Were, How Young

This is me around 1982, a theater major at Kent State University. Black on black was more or less my uniform; a lot of dance clothes and ripstop track pants. I remember these particular pants - they were awesome! They had zippers running the length of the outseam, revealing bright purple fabric when you unzipped them. Of course, they were pegged at the ankle. I cannot tell you why I am wearing such bright white sneakers.

My hair color was Sparkling Sherry and I had on a slathering of Biba eyeshadow. Remember those little pots of eyeshadow in wondrous colors that you could buy at Paul Harris? I must have had 40 of them on my dresser in a big ceramic bowl. Now I want to tell that girl, "A little less eyeliner, honey! You're 20!"

Other fashion highlights from this party's photo reel include poodle perms, macrame vests, high-waisted jeans, and lots of very big glasses (which I had taken off for the photo). 

By the way, Biba has recently come out with a very limited makeup line which looks kind of fabulous. Of course, they are only available at the House of Fraser, but what the heck - they're on sale! Color me tempted.

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  1. Despite eyeliner and proximity to alcoholic look about 12. So cute! And those pants sound fantastic.

    I don't miss the '80s jeans (mine were finger pleated and then rolled up for maximum snugness at the ankle), but I'm very happy leggings are back in style. I've almost completely replaced tights with leggings for boots in the winter (warmer, more durable, more opaque, more comfortable = WIN).