Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chambray in Winter

I found this dress on eBay last summer, when I just wanted something light and cool that would not stick to me in any way. I can't remember how I wore it, other than with a belt. Heather liked it, and said "You could totally wear that in the winter with tights and boots."

I'm cautious about layering long under short sleeves. There's something surfer dude about it - or Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory - at any rate, MASCULINE, that I am leery of. But I got several compliments, so it must have worked out all right.



  1. I'll testify that it looked even cuter in person! You're on a roll this week sister. Make sure you show them what you had on TODAY!

  2. Love. I keep searching for a chambray dress. But they are either too literally shirt dresses (too casual, too straight/shapeless) or too long or too light or too librarian-bumpkin. Love the length on that one and it's fab with the brown accessories.

    I like a turtleneck under short-sleeved sweaters. Something about the symmetry of fabric showing at the neck as well as the arms makes it less casual - in my mind, anyway. I've also taken to wearing tops that I think were meant to be shells as vests, if the fabric is substantial enough and they have roomy armholes (armholes? is there a better term?).