Saturday, January 28, 2012

Me Wear Purple

This outfit owes something to Neanderthal-Speak, which actually started at the Reference Desk ("Where Heidi? Heidi gone!"), and lives on in day-to-day statements like a whispered, "Holly MAD" or "Roberta hungry."

Or sometimes in getting dressed when I am seized by a desire to wear a particular color, and the outfit builds from that point. In this case I had a purple Athleta skirt, and a matching Talbots tee. I threw grey at them with tights and shoes, and resurrected a lovely eBay find in the form of the Dana Buchman jacket. I used to looove that designer, but in 2008 she discontinued her higher end line in favor of the Kohl's brand. The Kohl's brand is fine, but of course on eBay they all get muddled together and it's hard to tell what you're getting.

You can't see the shoes, which doesn't matter, as they're reliable Anne Klein pumps but nothing to write home about. However, the pic does not do that jacket justice. It is a charcoal pinstripe, has a black velvet collar, is fitted to the waist and then flares out slightly. I feel very important when I wear it. I also like it because it was too small for me for a couple of years, and now it fits again. Yay! 

I learned another valuable lesson looking at the pictures, which is to BUTTON UP. I had the top button open during the day, and in the pic, it just looked sloppy. Pinstripes = buttoned up. Also, I have tiny little T-Rex arms and should think about getting the sleeves turned up. Just a thought.

Sadly, I am yet again wearing a pin too tiny to make an impact. Perhaps I should start shooting the details, like Sheila does.  

1 comment:

  1. Purple good. Lipstick sexy.

    What fabric is the skirt?

    The answer to the understated jewelry is a tiara.