Friday, October 18, 2013

Rounding Up

First of all, I discovered the amusing Tumblr Librarian Shame, courtesy of The Swiss Army Librarian, and this is what I posted:

It was the same day I wore my new-via-Ebay Vince Camuto blouse and my less new Halogen blue knit skirt. I even wore my blue glasses. All that blue was very soothing.

The next day I wore another favorite, my black Talbot's surplice top, with a pleated silk skirt and my black and white Everybody peep toes.

Heather's favorite outfit ever.
On a Rotary Thursday, I wore this Jones New York cardigan and a Talbot's eyelet skirt and my Aquatalia gold pumps. It was a little too eye-catching for a visiting Rotarian and I felt like swatting him away. Shoo fly.
And the last outfit I bothered to photograph included a Boden skirt, a pale grey top, my pink cotton cardigan and grey boots.

This outfit could definitely be improved. I'd like a classier pink cardigan (maybe) and definitely a purple pullover top that is heavy enough to wear on its own. I have a pretty purple silk blouse, but it doesn't look right with this skirt. It wasn't quite cool enough to wear my gray cashmere sweater.

It is decidedly fall now, and I've been busting out the boots (yay!) and eyeballing my jackets and trousers. I started writing down everything I wanted at the moment I wanted it, which is usually when I'm picking out an outfit. It makes for an interesting list so far, and hopefully I'll post it next week with some comments.

This weekend I am celebrating Heidi's birthday by seeing Cyrano starring the demon mayor of Sunnydale, Harry Groener. I'm very excited. Mr. Groener got rave reviews in the role, and is of course known for things other than turning into a giant snake and eating the high school principal.

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