Thursday, October 31, 2013

Snakes and Ammonites

This skirt refuses to show its true colors.

 It is GREEN. This is a closeup of my lap.

And this is my lovely fossil ammonite/turquoise necklace:

 And this is what was underneath the jacket:

The jacket is new to me, Liz Claiborne via eBay. I have a new affection for snake/lizard all of a sudden. I would love some shoes in this pattern. They seem like an interesting take on a nude shoe.

Now, everybody liked this outfit, and I liked the concept, but I was very conscious of my pudgy waist all day long. My waist and my neck are where I show my age, I think. Plus I HATE pinchy nylons.

If you haven't seen it already, there is a fantastic article making the rounds about what fashion judgement means to the poor, especially men and women of color. As someone who routinely judges people by what they are wearing in interviews (and elsewhere), it gave me pause. The comments in both locations make for thoughtful reading as well.

This is how I found the article, at John Scalzi's blog:

and this is the original article.

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  1. I'd also read that article. I know I have some outfits that I wear like armor. I know I'll fit in, or will look just the right amount of quirky, etc.

    None of them include pantyhose. Ugh. I think I have one pair, in the package, and 5 yrs old.

    Love the jacket.