Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fashion Resolutions Part Deux

I eliminated a dozen things from my closet over the weekend, and we're three weeks into September and I haven't bought anything! That's mildly encouraging. Here's what I've worn recently, with comments about how it applies to my fashion resolutions. 

The weather turned cool, so I got to put boots on! This jacket and pants combo was just the right side of "office fussy", which made me happy, and the jacket's sleeves are the right length, ditto. It isn't a striking outfit, but it is professional without being dowdy. Talbots jacket and pants, with a Kohl's patterned tank. A higher heel would improve the line.

A favorite combo: sleek black rayon top and a heavy linen pleated skirt (both Talbots), with taupe boots and a modern necklace. I love all the neutrals and textures. 

I actually wore the jacket buttoned, which was a better silhouette. I like the double navy with the pink skirt. The shoes; I don't know, but I didn't like my other options. The jacket sleeves are cuffed to show the striped lining. I wore the necklace like so:

Overall, tasteful but not stylish. Accessories would have made the difference here. That necklace is a sentimental favorite, but I think it gets lost.

Love the skirt and sandals and the orange tank, but that sweater silhouette is not my friend. I'll keep it for casual wear and to take to the movies. I tried this outfit with a narrow belt, which helped but didn't save it. Everything looks a little dragged down.  I have a crisp 3/4 sleeve jacket that would have been better. And I wish the bracelet I'm wearing was a necklace instead!

I'm getting my hair cut next Monday - yay! and I'm going to go short again. The bob feels unreliable. Sometimes I get it right and it's cute and modern, and sometimes it fights me and I hate it. A little shorter is easier, for me anyway.


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  1. Random comments:

    outfit #2 here is my all-time favorite on you :) very classy AND flattering.

    i like the dark on top, lighter on the bottom.

    The dark band around the hem that skirt PLUS the "bandy" shoes is contributing to the dragged down look in #4. If you wore the black top from #2 and either sleek black boots or pointy pumps, it would work..