Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Olive and Red

Yesterday I wore linen again, a black and white melange linen top and a black knit skirt, with silver shoes and jewelry. Imagine it if you will, as I forgot to take pictures. 

Last night we had a torrential rainstorm - Des Plaines and the surrounding are very wet and flooded - so it was cool enough this morning to wear a light cardigan. Underneath it I have a sleeveless Ann Taylor Loft dress, which has an elastic belt sort of thing that you can't see in this picture. I actually would have preferred a black or brown cardigan, but in a fit of broad-minded frugality, I decided that "dark" had the same effect as black or brown, and wore my olive pointelle Talbot's cardigan.

Miz Mooz sling-backs.
The dress looks pinker in the picture, but has a lot of red in it in "real life".  Whatever real life means, the camera is just as real as the fluorescent lighting in my kitchen. You can barely see my dark red felt flower pin, but that helped tie it all together. I think.

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