Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's 80, No, Wait, It's 55!

On Monday I wore my yellow voile skirt and a green cardigan and because it was 80 degrees, I was hot. I love grass green and yellow together, but I think I look a little rumpled and pillow-y.

Perhaps I should have worn the sweater open? There was a tank underneath. Even though I was warm, I was grinning like a fool because I was just back from the salon - with PURPLE HAIR.

I really love it. I know it will fade into more sedate golden brown highlights, but I love the purple sheen this morning. It also looks perfectly sleek because of the awesome blowout. We'll see what happens when I style it my own self. Naturally, I planned my clothes around my hair. On Tuesday (board meeting day!) it was 55 when I left the house, so the cardigan was FINE. I almost wore black boots.

The purple skirt is just the right shade. The cardigan is new and is a very light jersey, on deep discount from L & T.

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