Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Week of Linen

It's going to be hot, sticky and stormy all week, so I am embracing the wrinkles and thinking airy thoughts.  I've been using my new Aveda stuff that promises to keep my hair smooth for 12 hours, and so far so good. I have to re-apply a bit the second day, but it really works.

White linen top from Talbot's, red Spring Step sandal/bootie things, and believe it or not, a denim skirt. I've sworn off jean skirts for years; they're either too stiff or A-line or terribly unflattering with that center seam or both. but I picked this one up at Talbot's (from a neatly folded stack) thinking it was shorts, and the denim was so soft and the skirt fit so well that I bought it.  Plus it was 30% off. I wish they made denim shorts out of this fabric.

Also fun, my new white Timex with a ridiculously large face:

$60 from Lord and Taylor!
On Friday, Heidi gallantly drove us to Milwaukee for the Lakefront Festival of Art (in her shiny new car!). I didn't buy anything this year, though I was tempted by a hand-woven golden orange three button jacket for $275. Maybe next year. It's always satisfying to look at the art and jewelry and crafts and imagine a life where you regularly bought such pretty things. I think art should be on my pony list; maybe a piece every few years. I don't have all that much wall space.

We also went to the mouth-watering Shoo, but there was nothing I wanted in my size. In short, I admired many things in Milwaukee, but only bought lunch and dinner. My eyes and appetite were enriched, but my wallet was not drained. A lovely day.

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