Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Empty Closet

I dreamed I was hanging out with Tim Gunn last night, as one does, and may I say he is just as charming and kind in dream life as he is on TV.

Anyway, when I woke up, I confronted my double closets (which face my bed), and was struck with the vision of what they will look like when I retire.

The elegant photo was lifted from It Must Be F/8

95% of my wardrobe is for work. I don't wear my pencil skirts or silk blouses or heels on my days off. I wear jeans in various shades and simple tops, and cute comfortable shoes.  I wear almost no jewelry other than small earrings and a watch.

Not that I'm retiring any time soon, but we know how quickly time passes when you work 40 hours a week. I figure I'll work another 12 years, if I'm lucky and can retire at 66. I'd better stop buying clothes at least three years before I actually retire, in order to save some money and not wind up with a closet full of new things that I will just have to give away. I'll need a few dressy outfits for warm and cold weather (weddings and such) and a bunch of coats and jackets and scarves. I'll wear my watches regularly and my other jewelry once a month or so.

And then what to do with all of that empty space?

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  1. But you may find that once you don't have to dress a certain way for work most days, you actually fancy more variety. Maybe you will enjoy wearing your silk blouses with jeans (they can go in the washing machine) - so comfy and luxurious! Maybe you will fancy wearing a skirt every now and again for fun, even though you don't need to. Maybe you will start wearing five necklaces at once, if their jangling doesn't disturb you at work...