Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Measuring Success

I figure, if I get one or more compliments on an outfit, it's a keeper. If I'm in doubt (which I am much of the time), a compliment can sway me, and the lack of one can convince me that I must never wear those items together again. I got four compliments on today's outfit, so here it is. I'll get better at picture taking, I promise.

Mostly, I think people liked the purple tights. The only tights I wear are DKNY comfort waist tights (the name explains why), and I own them in every color ever made. Luckily they also seem to last forever, but I'm still hoarding unwrapped pairs under my bed. Just in case there is a DKNY apocalypse.

Heather is my go-to girl for accessories, and she points out that this could use something shiny on the lapel. I spent many years wearing only really big jewelry (also known as the 80s), and then turned around and went the tiny and tasteful route. I'm trying to wear more bling, but I always hear Coco Chanel in my head, "Before you leave the house, take one thing off."

The point of this post, and I do have one, is that for someone like me, who has no innate sense of style, some external measure of success is essential. Luckily, I work with a group of people who notice clothes and are generous with compliments.

How do you know when you've got a great outfit?


  1. LOVE the purple tights. Now I think I need some colored tights.... Also, good skirt length.

  2. The concept of an "outfit" has always been troublesome to me. I buy accessories on the fly, because I see a shiny, pretty thing and must have it. On work days, I'm too rushed to think much about putting together an "outfit." I think it's why my favorite thing to wear is a great dress. Shoes, maybe earrings, ring or necklace, I'm done. My sister is the opposite, she'll spend hours coordinating blouse, pants, scarf, "just the right" earrings, etc. I might do that once a year, for some very special occasion. My "outfit by accident" approach does not work every day, but I do. :)